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Roasted “Cheesy” Asparagus

May 24, 2018

Hey Friends! I’m always looking for ways to jazz up my veggies. While I do use a variety of spices, I always love a cheesy flavour, especially with green veggies. Cheese isn’t always the best option for me because it contains dairy and having ulcerative colitis, dairy and I aren’t always besties LOL.

One awesome ingredient I use in my recipes to add a cheesy flavour sans dairy is nutritional yeast (I use @bobsredmill).  Nutritional Yeast is a food product that is made from a form of yeast known as saccromyces cervesaie. The yeast is washed, dried, and heated to deactivate it so that it doesn’t have the leavening ability that baker’s yeast has. This food product is a known staple in vegan pantries, because of its cheesy flavour, but I love it also because it is a fermented product; therefore, making it great for the gut.

Nutritional yeast is also high in B12 as well as other B vitamins and iron. It is low in fat and sodium and is also gluten and dairy free.

You can use nutritional yeast as a flavourful addition to a multitude of recipes — such as soups or scrambled eggs — or as a cheesy topping on pasta or veggies like I did here.  

What you Need:

1 bunch Asparagus, trimmed

1 tbsp @chosenfoods avocado oil

2 tsps @bobsredmill Nutritional Yeast

@simplyorganicfoods Garlic powder

Salt to taste

How to Make the “Cheesy Asparagus”:

Preheat your oven to 350. Wash the trimmed asparagus with cold water and place in a roasting pan. Leave them a little wet from washing as this water will help “steam” the asparagus.

Season with olive oil and spices and place in the oven.

After 10 minutes, sprinkle the nutritional yeast over the asparagus and place it back in the oven for another 5-7 minutes or until your desired tenderness is reached.

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