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Dark Chocolate Muffin Bread – @rachlmansfield ‘s Recipe

January 21, 2019

Despite my chronic illness, I have quite the sweet tooth, and muffins are definitely one of my faves. So when I came across @rachlmansfield ‘s recipe that basically turned one of my favourite treats into a bread, I knew I had to try it.

It was a bitterly cold weekend, and my kids had cabin fever, so I figured why not get them to help out? They love cooking and baking with me and I love it twice as much. It’s so important for me to show our children how important it is to use whole foods and ingredients not just because they are healthy but because they taste great too!

The fact that this recipe is dairy free, gluten free and grain free was a huge plus for me. Living with a digestive disease like ulcerative colitis, eating dairy, gluten, and grain free plays a huge part in reducing the onset of symptoms. I also love how Rachel provides substitutes for ingredients and also a vegan option for this recipe, making it not only healthy but versatile depending on your dietary needs.

The recipe for these muffins was super easy to follow and the kids and the adults (my husband and I) are in love. This loaf of goodness will definitely be on repeat. Get the recipe here:


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