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Smoked Sausage Skillet Hash with Sweet Potato Wedges & Avocado Dipping Sauce

May 15, 2018

Hello Friends! Do you ever have those nights where you don’t know what to make for dinner? Me too! Last night I got home, and since I didn’t have anything prepared I decided to make a skillet hash with @greenfieldnaturalmeat smoked sausages.  These sausages are great to keep in your fridge for nights where you want to add a protein to your meal and don’t have much time on your hands. I paired it with sweet potato wedges and a killer avocado dipping sauce, because everything is better with #avocado 😉

For the Hash

4 @greenfieldnaturalmeatco smoked sausages, chopped

½ cup edamame beans, shelled

1 cup shitake mushrooms, chopped

4 carrots, chopped

1 tbsp @chosenfoods avocado oil

Salt to taste

Heat the avocado oil in a skillet and add your veggies. Cook until softened and add your smoked sausage. Cook until the smoked sausage is caramelized.

For the Sweet Potato Wedges

2 medium sweet potatoes, cut in to wedges

½ tsp of @simplyorganicfoods garlic powder

1 tbsp @chosenfoods avocado oil

Salt to taste

Preheat your over to 400. Season the sweet potato wedges with salt, oil, and garlic powder.  Cook for 15-20 minutes

For the Avocado Dipping Sauce

1 ripe avocado

½ cup grated cucumber

Juice of one lemon

Salt to taste

Peel and mash the avocado. Add lemon juice, grated cucumber, and salt. Mix to combine and you’re done!

Hope you love this recipe as much as I did…let me know what you think!

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